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DOS Tour - Rafting, fishing

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Rafting, fishing              


It is fascinating, emotional and ABSOLUTELY SAFE REST which does not demand special preparation and it is available even for the child.
 During a rafting it is possible to bathe, to have sun bathe (directly on rafts) and to fish. Picturesque canyons, warm water and the tender sun will leave bright unforgettable impressions. And for clients who wants more of sharper sensations, a splendid surprise in the bottom watercourse Chuy - a small 30 kilometer section  of white (rough) water.
One-day tours:
The river Chuy (Issyk - Kul valley),II class, May-September.
The river Chuy (a rafting in Boomskomskoe gorge), V class, May September.
The river Chuy (Issyk – Kul valley and Boomskoe gorge), II- IV class.


Many day Tours:
Rivers Chon Kemin and Chuy, II – IV class, May September. Duration of Tour is two days.
The Kekemeren river. II – IV class, April, May, September, October. Duration of Tour is three days.
The Kekemeren and Naryn rivers, II - IV class 2-4, April, September, and October. Duration of Tour is five days.
The program of one-day Tour:
10:30 Arrival to a place of the beginning of the Rafting.
10:30-11:00 Changing clothes, instructing.
11:00-13:00 Rafting.
13:00-14:00 the Dinner.
14:00-15:30 Rafting.
16:00 Departure.

Two-day Tour:
You can order and make Tour according Your will of any pair of the set forth above one-day Tours. In this case we shall organize for you spending the night in tents and a feed.
The firm provides: river guides, equipment for rafting (Rafts, catamarans, oars, neoprene diving suits, life jackets, helmets).
For an additional payment: a feed, accommodation (in double tents with a sleeping bag and mattress).
Rafting is a rest which will afford a maximum pleasure!


Fishing is carried out on the following rivers:
The Chon-Kemin river.
Duration: 2-4 days.
Period: March-September.
150 km from Bishkek.
The Suusamyr river.
Duration: 2-3 days.
Period: 15.04-15.06.
150 km from Bishkek.
The Kekemeren river.
Duration: 3-4 days.
Period: 15.04-15.06.
220 km from Bishkek.
The firm provides: guides, transport, the sanction to fishing, a feed and equipment for accomodation.




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