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Cargo transportation

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Do You IMPORT goods into Kyrgyzstan?

Irrespectively list of transportation services provided by our company is wide enough:

  • International cargo transportation – cargo dispatch(expeditionary) services;
  • Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan;
  • Cargo consolidation services in Poland;
  • Transportation of assorted lading;
  • International cargo transportation from countries of western and eastern Europe;
  • Full spectrum of concomitant services like customs registration, cargo protection, insurance and in time lurking(tracing) of cargo being transported.

Thanks to the network of partners in western and eastern Europe, our company has an opportunity to accomplish international cargo transportations using cargo trucks from countries of western and eastern Europe, consolidating them in our stockrooms in Poland for further dispatch to Bishkek via railway transport.

For unloading/uploading of different cargo at stockrooms, railroad stations, of train carriages and containers, for repositioning and movement of large and heavy constructions – we will provide a forklift with carrying capacity of up to 2 tons.
We can provide transportation of wrecked(dead) cars, metal constructions, trade pavilions and kiosks(stalls), ware made of stone and many others on a crane vehicle, all weighing up to 15 tons.

Confident, that we will be able to, responsibly and in a quality manner, accomplish tasks entrusted to us for a reasonable price.

Among our permanent client there are firms like: «Aqualand», «Forum», «Bior», «BiForce», «Keramin» and many others.

All you have to know – our phone number: +996 (312) 611-609, e-mail:  dostur@mail.kg

We’ll take on ourselves all your problems – from transportation from western and eastern Europe, customs clearing, declaration and registration of accompanying forms until delivery of your cargo to Your warehouse “under a LOCK”!

For consultation with our manager call us on: + 996 (312) 611-609, or send a FILLED REQUEST FORM

Full package of transportation and customs services!

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