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Super Taxi 152

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To the official website of “Super Taxi 152” company Bishkek city.

- Request and call up of taxi within Bishkek 24 hours.
- Taxi sent up to your doorway free of charge
- Reasonable, stable prices.
- Cargo transportation taxi.
- Manas airport servicing.
- High quality of services provided.

To call up or request a taxi call: 152, 682800, 682600

"Super Taxi" issues its financial documents and according to the legislation of KR is not a VAT tax payer.

"Super Taxi" Company exists in the market of transportation services since 3 May 2001.

Taxi request in our Company – it’s the fastest way to have a car at your doorway even at times of bad traffic conditions in Bishkek.

Taxi request in our Company – it’s a strict tariff, one of the most competitive in the taxi services market.

Taxi request in our Company will attract passengers, departing and arriving from/to Manas airport. 

We advise you to familiarize yourself with the “Tariffs” section. Prices, indicated there, are more than acceptable. We take orders from all parts of the world. So if you have a chance to call us and request a taxi, we will definitely meet you in time and place. You won’t need to hustle about at the airport, and haggle with “privates(independent taxi drivers)”. All you have to do is just dial 152.

Taxi request in our Company may be done by dialing 152, 172 (multi-channel), +996 312 43 08 08, 43 09 09 – phone numbers, using which you may contact with the management of the company and express your comments, if you have any. Believe it, we will always find a way to get along.

Taxi request in our Companyit’s a car park consisting mainly of European brand economy class cars like AUDI 100, VW PASSAT, MERCEDES, MAZDA. All cars are private owned. Despite of this, we demand from drivers to maintain their cars at the appropriate level, which correspond to traffic rules and to generally accepted meaning of a decent car. Also on client request we can offer business class cars, vans, busses and cargo trucks. Car park of business class cars consists of Mercedes 140s, vans consist of mainly of European brand vans of 8 to 16 passenger seats, busses consist of brands like NEOPLAN, MERCEDES, with capacity of 40-50 passenger seats. As to cargo taxi, then majority of those are Gazels, Mercedeses.

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